Ena Pelly


We took time out to catch up with our very own Graphic Designer, Jess Jones.
Give us your elevator pitch version of what you do:
All things graphic design for EP - From our signature graphic tees & sweats, to textile design, to digital, social, marketing, packaging..! The list goes on!
How did you start in this space?
I've always worked in the fashion industry as a Graphic Designer and have spent most of my career designing Textiles + Tees. I studied at The Gordon and did a 6 month internship at a Geelong based fashion brand, and after working across different categories such as kidswear, accessories etc - found my real love was in womenswear textile + graphics.
What inspires you to do what you do?

I've always loved delving into the customer mindset and really using that to fuel what I design. I find trends so interesting; not just the seasonal trends of colour and prints, but looking at the overarching macro trends that really shift people's wants and needs. It's been such an interesting time to be in the fashion industry, and there is so much opportunity to innovate what we do to better fit into our ever changing lives. So I really love the start of the design process where we really look at what's happening in the world, and try to design products that will hopefully make a positive difference to people's lives, while doing as little damage to the environment as possible. It's such a rewarding process!
What 1 thing could your industry do towards sustainable change?
I think in designing things to last; Enabling customers to make sustainable choices by purchasing a love-forever item that they will wear again and again. Items that wash & wear well; that outlast the seasons and are always flattering. I feel we are moving more towards practicality, comfort, and longevity in our wardrobes - not only is this better for the environment but you curate a wardrobe in which you really love each item, and it becomes a true reflection of your personality and style, not just whatever is trending at the moment!
Ultimate life goal?
I'm a bit of a hippie at heart - my ultimate life goal is to live in a rural property surrounded by nature, animals and an epic art studio!
What could you not live without?
Japanese food!
Best thing to happen this year?
My partner and I have been busy designing + building our own tiny house! It's been a really great creative outlet getting to design a small space totally suited to our own needs.
Favourite way to spend a Saturday afternoon?
 Walking my dogs at the beach, then looking after the flowers + veggies in the garden.
Favourite item in your closest? Why?
 I am a jeans + t-shirt gal through and through! My jeans get a pretty good workout through the week and I love an oversized tee. It's an easy no-brainer in the morning!