Ena Pelly


We are getting excited about Kids launch soon so took the time to catch up with Amy Fosdike - Director Launch Fashion Management, who inspires us no end to bring her customers an amazing experience. When we told Amy we were launching Kids, she extended her agencies offering to service more Kids opportunities. 

Give us your elevator pitch version of what you do:

What do I do …. In short I ‘sell clothes” all day everyday ! But naturally it's far broader than simply that. We are the middle man and strategic guide to brands on market placement.

We help brands build a well assorted product offering to achieve maximum sales results within the market.

We offer a ‘commercial eye” based on direct feedback from the retailer, that allows us to collaborate with brands, build longevity and a secure place in the retail space.

How did you start in this space?

Many many moons ago as a fit model for Mambo. I was in the showroom trying the clothes on for buyers in their range appointments, it was where I started building relationships and fell in love with the people, the product part of the fashion industry. My Mum is also an ex. Sales Director so I had a very clear understanding of the role and have always wanted to love my job as much as she did, and I do !

What inspires you to do what you do?

I love the diversity of the role, the variety of people I have dealings with, I'm surrounded by an incredible team, who keep me energised and excited about the industry and brands. Plus there is no better feeling than helping a brand succeed, to realise their dreams of sitting on the shop floor in David Jones, or being stocked in their favourite boutique, its magic !

What 1 thing could your industry do towards sustainable change?

I’m so encouraged to see many brands grow in this space, we represent market leaders in the sustainable space and proudly so, we as an agency are focussing on doing ‘more with less” and encouraging brands to produce tighter collections that are more considered.

Latest greatest idea you've had?

Covid has brought some great learnings. For me one of the greatest systems I put in place was the ‘flexi” day, this sees my staff have the flexibility to work from home on a Monday or Friday, its seen stress levels decrease and productivity increase, so all in all successful.

Ultimate life goal?

Cliché but for me its ‘balance” as a mum, wife, friend and business owner its something I never feel like im totally nailing.

What could you not live without?

Many things, personally, my kids, husband, friends, staff, all my people and violet crumbles and my iwatch! I'm not quite sure how I ever kept on top of life without my iwatch !

Best thing (forecast) to happen this year

….. TBC, but hopefully not having to deal with the COVID rollercoaster too often.

Favorite way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

Saturday is my FAVOURITE day, so this is a hard question to answer, but ultimately its all about my husband and babies on Saturday afternoon. Usually we are at some jam packed kids indoor playground, pool or park, this is the only time I feel fully relaxed ( no iwatch on my wrist ).

Favorite item in your closest? Why?

3 x things :

My Blk Hansen & Gretel suit, its my go to meeting outfit + I always feel good in it.

My Chanel sandals ( no explanation needed !)

The Ena Pelly New Yorker, it’s the ultimate leather classic.

 Amy wears Knit Flare Pant & Hoodie in Snow